Wednesday 15 April 2009

Teabaggery, because we hate our new President….

Well, I'm scratching my head about this teabag stuff.

If this is about taxes, why are you people protesting against Obama, who just cut your taxes?

If this is about "taxation without representation", why are you protesting against Obama, who was elected legally and won by a mile, whereas his predecessor had to disenfranchise voters illegally in Ohio and Florida, to win two squeakers?

If it's about deficits, then why didn't you protest when the GOP proposed their budget, which had an even bigger deficit? Why didn't you protest when Reagan and the two Bushes cranked up enough deficits to stack up our national debt from $1 trillion to $11 trillion?

If it's about intrusive, oppressive government, why didn't you protest the Patriot Act, the illegal detentions and torture under Bush?

If it's about nationalization and confiscation, why didn't you protest when Bush set us on this course?

Most of the things you’re bashing Obama for, would have made more sense for a protest against…Bush.

If this is supposed to be an expression of popular will against Obama, then why was Obama's popularity more than twice as high as the Republican party's, even before he wiped out those pirates?

If this is a spontaneous, grassroots protest against Obama's heinous crimes, then why does your band of loons look suspiciously like the band of thugs who "spontaneously" launched a riot in an effort to terrorize the Florida vote counters in 2000, a "spontaneous" effort which was actually orchestrated deliberately by Tom DeLay? Why does all the evidence show that this teabaggery nonsense was organized months ago by Republican lobbyists working for fatcat billionaires like Scaife and Forbes? Using expensive and complex organizing techniques like the robocalls which were made famous by the GOP attack machine last fall? All plotted out before Obama had even been sworn in, let alone enacting any policy?

So clearly this effort, set in motion months ago, was never about any policy that Obama is actually pursuing right now, because if it was, they would have protested against Bush long ago, for the same policies. No, this is about Obama himself, because he committed the terrible crime of beating the Republicans. The Republicans can't believe that after a 30-year, multi-million-dollar Republican propaganda effort to demonize all Democrats...America rejected the entire argument and elected the skeery black guy with the Muslim name.

The Republicans, amazingly, spent millions of dollars, and months of effort, on a national we-can't-believe-we-lost-this-bad-to-this-guy, sore-loser hissy fit. An unsportsmanlike tantrum. Deliberately making a public spectacle of their infantile inability to control themselves, clownish costumes and all. We're ill-mannered brats and proud of it!

When in U.S. history did a political party react so badly to an election loss, that they all decided to dress in Betsy Ross dresses and run out into the rain screaming nonsense? When Gore lost in 2000, did the liberals all get out their Star Trek Convention costumes, run into the streets and exhibit a national pandemic of collywobbles, tasering each other in the ass with their "phasers"?

These shrieking rightwing loons are the same people who insist they must lead the country because it's too dangerous to leave Obama in charge. Hmm....the twin towers of paranoia, delusions of grandeur and delusions of persecution (they're coming to take my guns, Ma!).

As Scarborough said so ably not long ago, to Norm Coleman – “You lost. It’s over.”


Anonymous said...

Well said.

HelloDollyLlama said...

They have more tea parties coming -- one run by two governors who flipflopped on the stimulus package, and the Fourth of July thing.