Wednesday 29 April 2009

Inhofe and the "backlash" backfire

The Republicans have been labouring with might and main, trying to whip up a popular backlash against Obama. They’re like Wile E. Coyote with a box of wet matches, trying to get a fire lit.

Obama’s a socialist, he’s going to ration health care so people die, Ayers, Wright, Rezko, he had the nerve to tell the truth about the torture, his bills are all pork, he’s going to take our guns, he bungled the pirate crisis and the flu crisis, Sebelius wants an abortion clinic on every corner, it’s time to secede, the revolution is coming, go get your guns, yada yada yada. The people are angry!!

The American people are indeed mad, but not at Obama: his personal popularity rating is in the 80s, while the Republicans who are trying to cause all the trouble have poll numbers on a par with al-Qa’ida, Cheney’s approval score is at 18, and Bush’s popularity since January dropped five points, from 31 to 26!

The Republicans spent months and millions of dollars setting up a “spontaneous” “grassroots” we-hate-Obama tea party, which fizzled. They’re planning another “revolution” on the Fourth of July, which will also fizzle.

But Jim Inhofe is trying to light the fuse again. He is actually arguing that Specter’s party switch is going to cause a popular backlash that is going to launch another revolution like 1994, and sweep the Republicans back into power! Now the revolution is really coming! This “this is it” is it!

As though anybody outside Pennsylvania even knew who Specter was, a week ago. Lots of people were probably asking "wasn't he just convicted of murder? Oh, that was Phil Spector? Who's this other guy, and why should I be mad that he's a Democrat??"

Senator Inhofe, stop peddling hate and revolution, and start peddling leadership. Until then, we’re just not buying. We already had the revolution on election day, and your team came up on the short end.

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