Sunday 26 April 2009

...and WHY did the Republicans lose in 2008?

We need to remember why the GOP can never be entrusted with political power again...

1. Because they were deliberately obstructing the function of Congress since they lost control there.
2. Because of their illegal election tactics, their outright theft of Florida in 2000, their attempt to steal electoral votes in California…
3. Their endless efforts to lie to the American people and hide the facts, and silence their critics as “unpatriotic“.
4. Their smears of war veterans like Kerry, Gore, Murtha, Cleland, even McCain…
5. Their 15 years of lies and smears against the Clintons.
6. Their 30 year embrace of evangelicals.
7. Because they dragged religion into our political system.
8. Because they have done all they can to destroy moderates and centrists
9. Because we need a centrist, and the Democrats have one.
10. Because they illegally used many organs of the executive branch as political weapons to beat up their enemies with
11. Because their firing of the US attorneys for political reasons was illegal
12. Because they took away our freedom with the Patriot Act
13. The illegal wiretaps
14. The illegal prisons, the illegal detentions, the illegal torture -- some of which was directed at Americans
15. The rejection of accountability; the unconstitutional signing statements, the rejection of Congressional oversight which goes even further than Nixon did
16. Making us less safe by botching the Department of Homeland Security (and ignoring the threat from Iran)
17. Botching the Katrina response and then (as Brown later admitted) deliberately smearing Blanco because she was a female Democrat
18. Destroying our military and ignoring the needs of our veterans, all while screaming “support the troops”
19. Reviving Reaganomics and running up a 10 trillion dollar debt which raises our taxes with increased interest payments
20. Destroying our international reputation
21. Lies and denials on global warming, which even Fox and Exxon finally admitted was a problem
22. Blocking progress on health care, which costs us an extra 2000 bucks per person per year
23. Because they’re still gunning for Roe versus Wade.
24. Four years of lies about Iraq
25. Botching the Iraq invasion, disbanding the army, losing track of billions in reconstruction money, missing the estimated cost by about two trillion

...and of course Gonzalez, Wolfowitz, Rumsfeld, Delay, Lott, Harriet Miers, Dick Armey, Gingrich, Ted Stevens, Brown at FEMA, George Allen, Rick Santorum, Cheney, Larry Craig, David Vitter, Mark Foley, Jack Abramoff, Karl Rove, Scooter Libby, Sam Brownback....

Remember in 2010.

Remember in 2012.

Remember in 2016.

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