Tuesday 14 April 2009

How badly did the GOP blow the pirate crisis?

Gloria Borger hit the nail on the head:

“Here's the problem: If Republicans can't allow that the president did his job well in this unambiguous case, why should we believe their complaints about anything else? If they can't pat him on the back for this one, why should we even listen to their arguments about the budget, about health care, about energy?”


I mean, they read the papers. They know that a huge portion of America is sick to death of their constant we-hate-Obama carping. But they're incapable of restraining themselves. They are turning themselves into the endlessly-crying baby that drives young mothers to desperate thoughts.

**UPDATE** -- Rush Limbaugh is now screeching that if a Republican president had had the gall to murder black teenagers, "these kids", "inexperienced youths", there would be hell to pay. And Billo has been strategizing about how it all could have been resolved with a UN blockade of Somali ports, which evinces cluelessness about the UN, blockades, and Somalia. Hat tip to Mark Nickolas over at PoliticalBase.


And of course Hannity: "If I'm discovering here that legally he had to do it, and his PR team led by “Rahmbo” Emanuel are out there, you know, grabbing credit... there seems to me to be something wrong and that that whole story's not being told....They raced to grab the credit and, apparently, we're discovering, that legally he had no other option. If you're going to take credit for something you really didn't have any choice on, then I think you're manipulating the American people.”

So clearly Hannity has no chops as a reporter of fact or as a legal expert.



Larue said...

HLD, there's been 40 years or more of this incessant whine.

And that whine ruled us, and broke us.

What makes ya think it's out of touch?

Bastids are still there, and still knockin on our doors.

They ain't gone, they ain't marginalized, they ain't out of influence.

And they never WILL be, as long as the media is owned by the 1%, and the message is owned by the 1%.

You must be mistaken short term hope for real gains.

As the Electric Prunes penned: We Ain't Got Nuthin Yet.

Not a fuckin thing, we got. Yet.

Cept more of the same.

On this one, I'm not sure where yer comin from, or where ya ended. So I thought, I'd throw MY 2cents atcha.

Ya know?

HelloDollyLlama said...

But the old media is dying. Newspapers closing, networks losing audiences. Where are people getting their news now?

Right here.