Monday 13 April 2009

Obama will use "pork" issue to crush GOP

Here is the stump speech Obama will use to kill Republicans in the 2010 Senate races, and in the 2012 presidential election:

In February 2009 I signed the stimulus bill which has created 3 million jobs and saved our country from disaster.

If you remember, the Republican party, almost unanimously, opposed it, claiming it was “pork”, or “porkulus”, which isn’t even a word.

So where was the pork?

The bill had 204 billion in tax cuts for workers, home buyers, car buyers, college expenses, AMT taxpayers.
77 billion for disabled veterans, the unemployed, and recipients of Social Security and Supplemental Security.
54 billion for states to invest in schools; another 5 for states to keep up payments such as police and firemen.
51 billion for roads, rails, bridges, clean water, internet infrastructure, construction and computer purchases for businesses.
21 billion for health care for the unemployed, the poor, and for medical information technology and research.
7 billion for police departments, Homeland Security and airport screening.

So…a mountain of tax cuts for taxpayers, and money for policemen, firemen, border patrolmen, veterans, teachers, doctors, schools, roads, bridges.

So, Republicans…where was the pork in all that?

Then the Republicans tried to stonewall a health care plan which has already saved us hundreds of billions of dollars by breaking up the health insurance monopoly, and prevented thousands of needless deaths and bankruptcies.

They said it was pork.


These are the same Republicans who gave themselves an early Christmas in December 2003, in the form of the biggest pork bill ever, including an indoor rain forest for Senator Chuck Grassley, a museum for Ted Stevens, and a swimming pool in the hometown of Representative Jim Gibbins. All while we were running a 400 billion dollar deficit.

These are the same Republicans who set an all-time record in 2005, funding 13,000 pork projects. Ted Stevens alone got a billion dollars for 100 projects in Alaska, including the Bridge to Nowhere that Palin campaigned for and then lied about, and pork for Don Young and his wife. All that while dragging their feet on repairing the damage from Katrina and getting real armor to our soldiers in Iraq.

These are the same Republicans who gave billions to their cronies at Haliburton and Blackwater, with no oversight – the same people whose product defects killed 13 soldiers by electrocution.

These are the same Republicans who launched the “K Street Project”, an entire institution dedicated to Republican-run lobbying and pork, the effort which brought Tom Delay and Jack Abramoff to fame.

These are the same Republicans who gave the presidential nomination to John McCain, who has spent a couple of years campaigning for and against earmarks simultaneously – and getting a free pass from the media. Sarah Palin did the same thing – fight for earmark money while campaigning against earmarks.

So you, the American people, have seen what they did with your tax money, and you’ve seen what I did with your money. So now you know what to do – give me a 60-man majority in the Senate, so we don’t have to worry about their endless obstructive tactics again. Then send me back to the White House for another four years, so you can have leaders who spend your taxpayer money on you, instead of on themselves.

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