Thursday 23 April 2009

AP poll shows how badly the tea parties failed

Last week the Republicans attempted one of the most audacious con jobs in history. After spending eight years working with might and main to destroy the American economy, the GOP tried, all in one absurd motion, to direct America’s anger away from themselves – the true perpetrators – and dump all the blame on Obama.

The tea parties. Don’t be mad at us, be made at him! Him, over there!

The latest AP poll, conducted immediately following the tea party protests, shows how badly they failed. According to the poll, the American people are concerned about the economy, they are finding life difficult these days, and they’re concerned about the debt we’re racking up. But despite all that, more people think America is on the right track, than think we're on the wrong track! For the first time since we caught Saddam in Iraq more than five years ago, the right-trackers outnumber the wrong-trackers!

And why is that? Obama. After almost a full year of Republican attacks against Obama, culminating in the tea-party barrage, Obama’s approvals are still at 64. According to the poll, Americans know it will take Obama a while to clean up Bush’s mess, they see that he understands their problems, and they think he’s doing things at the right pace. They see him as strong, ethical and empathetic.

The percentage of people who think America is on the right track has gone up a staggering 31 points since October. That means that one-third of the country has decided that they like the Obama way after all, just since the end of the campaign!

If there were any intelligent life forms over at Republican headquarters, they would just forfeit the 2012 campaign and save America a billion dollars worth of campaign money. I mean, who would be stupid enough to run against Obama?

Oh, Saaaaaaaarah....


Anonymous said...

you mean forfeit the 2012 campaign?

HelloDollyLlama said...

Good catch!