Monday 13 April 2009

The GOP Lie-And-Run strategy continues

We're going to see more of the Rudy Giuliani Lie-And-Run Strategy. In 2000 when Rudy was getting ready to run against Hillary for the Senate, his staffers openly admitted that their strategy was going to be spreading a bald-faced lie about Hillary, forcing her to go off-message to shoot down the lie, and then run down the road and launch yet another bald-face lie. Lather, rinse, repeat.

Of course Rudy isn’t the first GOP scumbag to use this strategy. Guys like McCarthy, Nixon, Ziegler, Reagan, Atwater, Rove were all there before him. But he and his guys actually admitted it out loud. Clumsy, really. Rudy used this strategy against McCain, and then against Obama, in 2008 (in one case Rudy even used the same attack against Obama that he had used against McCain). Then the McCain team adopted the same lie-and-run tactics against Obama, with their 30 smear ads. And now the entire GOP is doing it. They know they can't win with the truth.

But they seem to forget what every seven-year-old knows. When you realize that your first lie didn’t work, telling more and more lies just makes you look stupid.

“Well, the dog ate my homework..and then the schoolbus was in a crash...and there was an earthquake...”

The Boy Who Cried Wolf could have told them the same thing if he hadn’t gotten et by the wolf.

Now listen to the Republican leaders over the last two months or so:

Barack Obama as an evil Muslim socialist dictator who had to fake his birth certificate like Adolf Hitler to be eligible for the top job! He underperformed in the election, he should have won by 20 points, even with the liberal media giving him a free pass! He is going to ration health care so people die, remove his enemies from the radio airwaves, build an all-liberal media, make millions peddling a global-warming hoax, cripple small businesses, build a bullet train to Vegas and Hollywood, slash defense, make his temporary unemployment policies permanent, put terrorists on the streets, put Capone-like Chicago criminals in charge of the government, take everyone’s guns, force women to have abortions, rig the census with ACORN, and send gays in to destroy our army, invalidate all straight marriages and make all our wives whores and our children bastards! He’s in bed with those Democrats who caused the economic crash and prevented the lifeboats from saving Katrina victims! His bank buyout is really a giveaway! Anti-Obama tea parties are sprouting up across this center-right nation and on the internet because the American people and big business hate Obama! The American people will rise up in revolution!! Let’s get our guns!!

Lies, every one of them.

Has it worked? Um, no.

Obama’s personal approval numbers are still rock-solid. But that’s just the beginning of the problems for the GOP: Obama has totally crushed the Republicans on the issues.

According to the polls, Obama has won the debate on the economy. In poll after poll, the American people have said that Obama inherited the economic mess from the Republicans; they know that by the time Obama was sworn in, we had already lost 3 million jobs, and saw major industries and banks crippled. And billions in stock value lost on the Dow. The American people said that Obama’s economic philosophy is better than Reagan’s and that we need to trust Obama rather than the Republicans on the economy, and give Obama time to clean up the mess; we need to repeal the tax cuts for the rich, impose stricter business regulation, and pass the mortgage plan even though it might be unfair. The number of people who think America is on the right track jumped 15 points. In fact, Obama is clobbering the GOP on virtually every issue, particularly among the all-important independents.

Polling also shows that Obama has won the bipartisanship issue, by mile. Poll after poll shows that, according to the American people, Obama extended the hand of bipartisan friendship to the Republicans, but the Republicans are fighting Obama for partisan political reasons. Half of Republicans polled said that Obama made a reasonable effort to accommodate Republican ideas, but that their party has no ideas of their own. Repeat, that’s Republicans condemning their own leaders. Also the polls show that nobody is buying the GOP argument that the press is going too easy on Obama.

So, unsurprisingly, Obama’s approvals have stayed rock-solid in the 60s; outside the south, Obama’s approvals are almost 80. 86 percent are rooting for him to succeed. He is a two-to-one favourite to win reelection. Pelosi is twice as popular as her GOP counterparts, the Congressional Democrats are twice as important as their GOP counterparts, and the Democratic party is twice as popular as the GOP. Approval for the Republicans and their leaders is at a 12-year low. Boehner is down in the teens and McConnell is at 22. And, even worse for the Republicans, the independents who swung hard toward the Democrats during the election and elected Obama, are swinging even harder to the left.

Worst of all, a poll of the conservative participants in the CPAC conference revealed that about half of the conservatives wish they had someone else to support for 2012. Again, that’s the Republicans rejecting their own leaders.

The GOP is so bad off, they could use a reasonably smart seven-year-old to get their story straight.

Or, they could actually act like grownups and, ya know, lead.

Hahahahahahaha! I crack me up!

And here’s the kicker. In 2012, all Obama has to do, is say...

“Okay, folks, it’s been four years. Did I take your guns? Ration health care? Throw Rush off the air? Destroy the army and the economy and the Constitution (like Bush did)? Put terrorists on our streets? Force women to have abortions? Rig the census? Um, no. We all knew the Republicans were desperate liars, and now we have the proof. Our economy’s looking better, and America is back. I’m Barack Obama and I approved this message.”
And he wins in a landslide. The GOP will never recover.

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