Wednesday, 22 April 2009

Sarah "The Dog Ate My Homework" Palin

Shannyn Moore cooked up a little masterpiece at HuffPo:

Troopergate was her brother-in-law's fault.
Walt Monegan was a rogue commissioner.
Her pro-Pebble Mine stance during a contentious election was the fault of a "Governor's hat" wardrobe malfunction.
Her criticisms when her witch hunting, governor-anointing pastor, Pastor Muthee, was exposed, were the fault of people who hate Jesus.
Her failed interviews were Katie Couric's and Charlie Gibson's fault.
Her exorbitant wardrobe was the RNC's fault.
Her charging the state per diem to sleep in her own bed and flying her family around the country at state expense weren't her fault.
Her daughter's problems are Levi's fault.
Her VP political loss was John McCain's fault.
Her image problems are Tina Fey's fault.
Turkeygate was the cameraman's fault.
Her policy on aerial wolf hunting was Ashley Judd's and Outsiders' fault.
The empty Juneau Senate seat wasn't on her, it was the Senate Democrats' fault.

The buck, somewhere else, I dunno....

Just imagine the rightwing caterwauling if, say, Obama indulged in such a laughable pattern of blaming his own mistakes on other people.

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