Sunday 26 April 2009

Election 2008 is almost over!

...and since we’re finally heading toward the finish line in the 2008 election, let’s relive the 2008 campaign in 60 seconds. Ready? Begin!

The brief flirtation with Mike Huckabee.
Obama’s ground game expands across the country.
The implosion of Rudy Giuliani, Fred Thompson and Mitt Romney.
Obama’s miracle in all-white Iowa.
Hillary cries her way to victory in New Hampshire.
Racial tension in South Carolina; Bill fumes for months over being called a racist.
Obama comes from behind and gets a tie on Super Tuesday.
Jeremiah Wright’s video and Obama’s Philly speech.
Obama’s incredible fundraising.
The bitter folks clinging to their guns and Bibles.
Sniper fire in Bosnia, Senator?
Attacks on Obama regarding Ayers and Rezko.
Obama ambushing Hillary in all those caucus states.
Hillary’s RFK assassination comment.
The stampede of the superdelegates to Obama.
The DNC compromise on Florida and Michigan.
Weeks and weeks of boohooing and threats from Hillary supporters.
Bush backing Obama over McCain on talking to Iran and withdrawing from Iraq.
Obama’s world tour and his speech in Berlin.
McCain’s Paris Hilton / celebrity ploy, and Hilton’s response to the “wrinkly white haired dude”.
Obama bypasses Hillary and picks Biden.
The “elitist” nonsense.
Edwards has a little secret!
McCain and his seven houses.
The Democratic convention: Michelle, Teddy, the Clintons, and Obama rock the house.
The Palin pick: the flimsy vetting, the pregnant daughter, the moose hunting, the big speech filled with lies, the lipstick on the pit bull, the big polling bounce.
The GOP convention: lie and smear, lie and smear, lie and smear. And a hurricane. And a really dull speech from McCain.
The Palin backlash: the bridge to nowhere, the plane on eBay....
Efforts by McPalin to claim the mantle of change are laughed out of town.
The Palin-Gibson interview: let’s attack Russia! And what’s the Bush doctrine...?
McCain’s 20 lie-and-smear attack ads, and the backlash from the fact-checkers in the press.
Troopergate: promises of cooperation turn into stonewalling.
Fiorina admits McCain and Palin are both unfit for office, is pulled away from the press circuit.
McCain invents the Blackberry!
Wall Street: AIG, Lehman Brothers, crashes around the world; McCain exposed as a key supporter of the deregulation that caused it all.
McCain’s insistence that everything’s fine in the economy.
Increasing reports of GOP efforts to illegally disenfranchise voters, use smears in push polls, the usual.
McCain’s psychotic Im-in-Im-out-Im-in moment in the first debate.
The first debate – Obama holds his own on foreign policy; McCain is condescending and fudges the facts. All the post-debate polls go for Obama.
Palin and Couric – a fiasco.
The Palin debate – winking, blowing kisses, flagrantly avoiding the questions – and losing big.
McCain unilaterally gives up Michigan.
McCain openly proclaims that it’s mud season, and tees off on the Ayers issue – and turns people off.
The town hall between McCain and “That One” – another blowout win for the Dems. McCain’s negativity is a huge turnoff, and his addled plan to buy all the mortgages causes shock from left and right.
The Dow crashes again.
The Electoral College begins to unravel for McCain.
Joe the Plumber turns out to be a fake.
The GOP is caught faking a story about a big black guy knifing a girl because she’s a McCain supporter; a McCain campaign operative goes to jail.
McCain tanks one more debate.
GOP hollering about Obama’s birth certificate.
Sarah goes shopping! The little hockey mom blew $150,000 on clothes.
Sarah is found to have violated state ethics law; legislature could fine or impeach her.
The Bush administration is caught leaking information about Obama’s aunt.

Then Bang! Zoom! Obama crushed McCain by a huge margin, invading southern and western states that have barely seen Democratic candidates in decades.


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