Sunday 26 April 2009

Rick "Secession" Perry shrieks for federal help on swine flu

What was it, nine days ago he was whining that the federal government was so oppressive that Texas should leave the Union?

And wasn't that right after Texas agreed to accept the federal stimulus money that Perry was condemning?

As we know, Republicans have been hypocritically scarfing up federal pork while simultaneously condemning it for years...

...So perhaps now is the time to tell Governor Perry:

"Have you learned you lesson, Bullwinkle? Don't bite the hand that feeds you, shitwit. Unless you want us to come in and shut down all those federal facilities in your state -- the Johnson Space Center, Fort Sam Houston, Lackland AFB, the bases at Brooks, Goodfellow, Hood, Corpus Christi, the 800 federal buildings that employ thousands of Texans, the 15 national parks in Texas...."

**UPDATE** -- And now it's time for the GOP to do some 'splainin'. It has been reported that Homeland Security Secretary Napolitano -- darling of the conservatives -- is taking the lead on the swine flu crisis. Why? Because the pus-brained Republicans have been deliberately obstructing the nomination of the Health and Human Services Secretary, Kathy Sebelius, to score cheap political points. This is despite the fact that Sebelius has done more than any Democrat in the country to reach out to Republicans. The reward she got for this effort was a hearty "FUCK YOU" from the Republicans she tried to help. So now we face a health crisis without a HHS Secretary. Because the Republicans would rather attack America's Democrats, than attack America's problems. This is why the popularity of the GOP is at a 25-year low.

Also, for those who don't believe Texas has all those parks, but refuse to do the research....

Alibates Flint Quarries National Monument
Amistad National Recreation Area
Big Bend National Park
Big Thicket National Preserve
Chamizal National Memorial
Fort Davis National Historic Site
Guadalupe Mountains National Park
Lyndon B. Johnson National Historical Park
Padre Island National Seashore
Palo Alto Battlefield National Historic Site
Rio Grande Wild and Scenic River the four Spanish frontier missions.

There are also recreation areas at the Amistad and Lake Meredith sites.

**UPDATE UPDATE** -- It was the Republicans who blocked the inclusion of Obama's proposal for anti-epidemic money in the stimulus package. They shrieked that it was "pork". Savor the irony.


Anonymous said...

There are 15 national parks in Texas?? That's news to me, as a Texan. Check your facts next time.

HelloDollyLlama said...

It came from a federal website.

I used to live in Texas too.