Sunday 19 July 2009

Why I love Eric Holder

For several weeks there, our former vice president and arch-criminal Dick Cheney was on our TV's almost daily, screeching all sorts of insanity. Torture is good! Empathy is evil! I saw Lizzie Proctor speaking with the devil!

Then Holder steps forward and points out, ya know, what these clowns did was flagrantly illegal, and we may need to take a leeee-tle look at all this, and maybe fling around a subpoena or two.

And suddenly the eruptions of Mount Saint Dick stop, instantly. Why? He's down in his basement digging out his fake passport and his Luger, so he can flee the country and get Mengele's old apartment in Buenos Aires.

Of course Holder didn't do it by himself. Once the CIA admitted that Cheney was dead wrong about the CIA lying to Congress, and it was revealed that Cheney concealed his illegal program of secret murder squads which theoretically could operate in this country...then everybody sobered up and remembered that Cheney is a dangerously insane criminal loon.

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