Thursday 16 July 2009

Five GOP presidential candidates flame out in a month

Five GOP presidential candidates crash in a month!


Palin fell on her sword, Mark Sanford was caught whipping out his sword in Argentina, John Ensign got blackmailed for his swordwork, Pawlenty was caught by the sword of Damocles when he finally had to sign Franken's certificate and alienate the GOP base, Rick Perry...sorry, can't keep the sword analogy going forever. Perry screeched "SECESSION" and rejected federal money, and then had to turn around and beg Obama for unemployment money.

At this rate, I guess Bob Dole will have to run in 2012?

...But that's okay, their bench is so deep.


Hey, months ago I said they need to groom some leaders. Instead....


Anonymous said...

Before California's economy fell into the toilet, I was figuring the GOP would mysteriously find Arnold's original birth certificate from Texas or Oklahoma.

HelloDollyLlama said...

That would have been the supreme irony -- the same wingnuts who are screeching insane conspiracy theories about Obama's birth certificate, suddenly have an epiphany and concoct a conspiracy of their own, with Arnold.

But of course it would all work out, because the last time a rightwing Austrian had to fake a birth certificate and his nationality so that he could obtain high office was...Adolf Hitler.

So what could possibly go wrong?