Monday 13 July 2009

The true magnitude of the mess Palin is leaving behind in Alaska

There are no plans to hold a special legislative session in Alaska this summer, but they may need one. Partly as a result of Palin’s Troopergate scandal, the state Attorney General quit; he was apparently serving as Lieutenant Governor as well. Palin’s new nominee for AG, Wayne Ross, was such a disaster that the legislature shot him down. The next nominee for AG was yet another clown who was caught in a coverup involving bacterial infections in state prisons, and decided he didn’t want the job after all. Next Palin decided to nominate the National Guard general who agreed to lie about her role in “commanding” the Guard, but his nomination hasn’t been ruled upon by the legislature. That means that the chain of command has only one guy in it, Sean Parnell, which is unconstitutional. So they need a legislative session after all, to fill all the slots. The one guy who is arguing that they DON’T need a legislative session is Palin’s newest AG appointee, but THAT guy hasn’t been confirmed by the legislature either.

I may not have all these guys in the right order, but I’ve read the story twice and I still don’t understand all the ins and outs.

So first, there is the danger that Palin – who hasn’t actually resigned yet – may need to un-resign, as it were, to save Alaska from the consequences of her own catastrophic mismanagement.

And that’s the larger issue – look at the total freakin’ chaos this insane governor created! Does anyone really want this sort of Marx Brothers insanity to reign with the President and his cabinet, if she wins in 2012 or 2016?

Palin’s performance in this regard is akin to a sea captain running his ship onto the rocks in the middle of a typhoon, hanging all his officers, and then fleeing in a lifeboat, as the burning ship sinks behind him.

The link above is to the original story by Shannyn Moore, who incidentally is the reporter whom Palin has threatened with a (completely doomed) libel suit.

There is no way to explain her behavior using the tools of logic. One thing we CAN say, is that notwithstanding her claims that she was thinking of Alaska when she quit, clearly that was the LAST thing she was thinking of. She just wanted out, and she didn't care that she was leaving a mess behind her. She isn't a leader walking off the field of battle with her head held high: she's a drunk driver fleeing the burning wreckage of her fatal hit-and-run collision with history, not caring who got hurt in the process.

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