Wednesday 29 July 2009

The GOP myth of ineffective government

One must keep in mind the GOP’s effort to demonstrate, by means of egregious misrule, that government is incapable of delivering the most basic services.

One thing we need to remember is that before Bush came along, our government actually functioned.

The military conquered the world twice in the last 100 years. Then Bush broke it.

Marshall's State Department built the postwar world, and fed and clothed the whole world, friend and enemy alike; his successors have prevented dozens of wars and conflicts. Then Bush marginalized it and made American diplomacy a joke.

The FDA, USDA and EPA protected us from unsafe food, water, air and drugs. Then Bush gutted them.

The Coast Guard and FEMA saved thousands of lives before Bush dorked them up.

The Fed and the SEC gave us a couple of trillion in prosperity and kept the markets running properly. Then Bush wrecked it all.

The VA took care of our troops. Until Bush.

Social Security took care of the elderly; Medicaid and Medicare take care of the sick.

Now they are all in jeopardy due to Reaganomics and Bush.

The CIA used to hunt terrorists. Then Bush politicized them.

Homeland Security never worked right because Bush mismanaged it from the beginning. And that was a priority project for him.

The FEC made elections fair. Then Bush politicized it.

And of course there are other parts of the government which Bush didn’t have enough time to destroy:

The FBI and DEA solved the WTC bombing is days and keep criminals and drug dealers off the street.

The post office can carry a document across the country for half a buck.

The Department of Transportation built the interstate highway system, one of the most staggering engineering projects in human history; without it we'd starve. They also keep our airports safe.

The USTR saves us billions in trade deals

The DOE gives us cheap energy and protects nuclear technology from terrorists

So let’s stop whining about "big government".

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