Tuesday 14 July 2009

Today on Planet Wingnut

After eight years of Bush's crimes, follies, lies and incompetence, and the disastrous GOP showing in the 2006 and 2008 elections, the GOP knows that it has a ghastly credibility problem, which they are trying to correct.

So how are they doing today?

Michelle Bachman is trying to stop the census because she thinks it could lead to Nisei-style internment camps, or something.

The birth-certificate loons are lawyering up for a soldier who refuses to defend his country because Obama isn't really president.

Sam Brownback has introduced legislation banning mermaids and centaurs.

Michael Steele says he'll bring blacks back to the GOP with fried chicken.

A number of rightwing commentators still insist that investigating Bill Clinton's blow job was more important than Cheney's illegal concealment of U.S. death squads.

The GOP effort to persuade America that Sonya Sotomayor is prejudiced, is led by Jeff Sessions, who is so prejudiced that his own effort to obtain a judge's robe was laughed out of Washington.

Palin's bizarre resignation left such an appalling mess in Alaska that a constitutional crisis and a special legislative session may ensue by necessity.

Rightwing bloggers, who days ago were screeching about the media's coverage of Bristol Palin, are now hurling racial slurs and insults at...Malia Obama.

Pat Buchanan, one of America's leading beneficiaries of the right of free speech no matter how offensive, wants Levi Johnston drowned for exercising the same right, because Johnston implied criticism of Sarah Palin.

Fox, the Wall Street Journal and the Washington Times got caught trying to help Mark Sanford conceal his affair.

Karl Rove, Bush's domestic policy czar, whines about Obama's decision to also use...policy czars.

Fox gets caught selectively editing video to make Obama look like he's checking out a woman's rear end.

Gee, what do you think the Republicans would say if the Democrats, all within a day or two, gave us this cornucopia of concentration camps, fake presidents, mermaids, centaurs, black folks eating fried chicken, secret death squads, racist Senators, hurling racist insults at children, trying to drown critics, covering up sexual liaisons, hypocrisy, faking video of the president...?

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