Friday 31 July 2009

Obama approvals among Dems and Indies unchanged since Jan 8

Obama has lost no support among Democrats and Independents since the beginning of the year. Zero. He's rock solid. All his losses are among Republicans, the people who hated him anyway.

If the 2008 election were done over today, Obama would still have the voters he had in November, and he wouldn't lose a single state.

Just whip this out the next time one of the wingnuts starts screeching "Rasmussen and the pollsters say Obama's crashing and burning!!"

Incidentally, Research 2000 is not a paid arm of the liberal fringe, contrary to the incessant screeching of the wingnuts. In fact their final 2008 poll had McCain within 5 points of Obama, who actually won by 7. In fact R2K has a better reputation than Rasmussen, who is quoted daily by the wingnuts precisely because he does cook the books, to favor the Republicans dishonestly.

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