Tuesday 14 July 2009

Most Republicans think Palin is unfit for the White House


You read that right. This is Republicans talking.

Only 33 percent of Republicans think Palin is qualified to be president. That number fell a staggering 38 points from the "is she ready?" number she had with Republicans last fall.

Will it stop her? Of course not. Republicans, as we know, have the attention span of two-year-olds jacked up on sugar. In a few months they will forget, again, that she's a dangerously clueless loon and career criminal who ruled in Alaska with all the panache of the Three Stooges trying to put out a kitchen fire with seltzer bottles, before flinging her hands in the air and running away screaming from the mess she had created (if they were doing a remake of Lucy and Ethel frantically stuffing their mouths with chocolates on the assembly line at the candy factory, Palin could pick her role).

And the base will fall in love with those legs all over again. Under-educated white guys from the E-I-E-I-O states -- what do you expect? "Dang, Virgil, she's puuuurty!"

And the stiletto-shod march to Iowa and New Hampshire will resume...

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