Monday 27 July 2009

So, Sarah, tell us more about those wonderful Ginsu knives!

Somebody out there recently suggested that Palin wouldn't run for president because she could give up presidential politics and make a million a year. Soda squirted out of my nose. LOL! There is no job in the world that will pay Palin a million a year.

Her "book" will be ghost-written and loaded with lies. It will sink like a stone in weeks.

She can't work TV because she is incapable of (a) thinking original thoughts without a staffer feeding her on the teleprompter, or (b) speaking briefly and to the point, as evinced by her idiotic resignation announcement. I don't even think she could handle a sports job.

Corporate boards hire ex-politicians for credibility, of which she has none.

She can't champion an issue because she has no expertise or credibility. Even on energy she's been exposed as a hoor for the oil companies.

She can't go back to her former career, because she didn't really have one. It's not as though she can get on the masthead of a law firm or something.

She certainly won't go back to Wasilla to be mayor -- she almost got thrown out of office the first time, and she wouldn't want it anyway.

Five years from now, after her presidential fantasies finally explode, I see her on Channel 900 somewhere, selling floor wax or kitchen appliances.

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