Thursday 30 July 2009

Palin can't even get a radio gig

Palin's prospects have narrowed violently.
In the fall she dreamed of being VP and then president.

And now?
With approvals down in the 40s, the presidency is out.
She won't run for VP again.
The governor's job so overtaxed her that she ran away.
The road to the Senate is blocked: Murkowski hates her guts and is just waiting to pound her like a slab of veal.
Business? Think tank? Corporate board? Issue advocate? Sorry, she doesn't have the chops for any of them.
Palin is on the hook to write a book but everyone knows that what little content it contains will be ghost-written.
She lacks the discipline to work on TV.

So that leaves radio. Only on radio could a fact-free airhead like Palin blather on for three hours at a clip.

But now Clear Channel, the radio conglomerate, has rejected her overtures for a radio gig. The reasoning was that she doesn't even have the chops to do that -- she can't manage holding a show together all afternoon.


Like I said -- she's destined for infomercials.


Anonymous said...

You can't even get a serious comment on this blog.


HelloDollyLlama said...

Small wonder, with people like you passing through. You haven't gotten on the scoreboard once.

I nail the facts, I nail the analysis, what need is there for comment? My posts say it all. It's all about the brilliance of me.

PS my stuff is being cut, pasted and commented on all across the internet. My work on resources alone has been picked up all over the place, in websites on green energy. All you have is...a big mouth. Those who can, do; those who can't, whine.

Anonymous said...


P.S. While you are on the computer wasting time, I nail your wife.