Friday, 31 July 2009

Birther nonsense shows mortal danger for GOP in 2012

Less than half of Republicans say Obama was born in the U.S.! And a huge proportion of the "birthers" are down south.

So what does this mean?

Fast-forward to the 2012 Republican primaries. Since half of the GOP is now clearly a bunch of reality-challenged wingnuts, and the wingnuts are likely to be the most angry and the most politically active, those primaries are going to be dominated by cuckoobirds who really believe this birther nonsense. That means that a whackjob like Palin or Huckabee could actually be the nominee next time. The only thing to stop them, as far as I can see, would be Romney and his deep pockets.

It also means that the GOP is almost going out of its way to brand itself as the party of the birthers, racist Sotomayor bashing, illegal murder squads, torture, health-care scare tactics and obstruction, silly laws banning mermaids, "hiking up the Appalachian trail" without their wives, racial slurs against Malia Obama, anti-abortion terrorism, faked poll data, teabagger insanity, loons like Palin, gay-bashing, denial about Bush's destruction of the economy, and the rants of Rush and Beck.

And as I noted earlier, the heavy concentration of Obama'haters down south means that three-fourths of the electoral map is Obama's to lose.

This could be the first presidential election decided by a forfeit.

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