Monday 27 July 2009

House GOP officially rejects the birther lunacy

The House just passed a resolution celebrating the anniversary of the statehood of Hawaii -- which they commemorated officially in the resolution as Obama's birthplace.

The vote was 375-0.

Not a single Republican voted against it. 158 Republicans voted in favor of it, and 20 didn't vote.

So the House GOP is on record as accepting Obama as a natural-born citizen. Just like the Republican governor of Hawaii who certified that he is a citizen, the Republican members of Congress who certified his election victory, the Republican vice president who ratified that vote, the Republican President who handed the White House to him, the Republican-dominated Supreme Court which repeatedly rejected challenges to his eligibility for the White House, and the Republican Chief Justice who swore him in. Twice.

And the hills and valleys of Planet Wingnut echo with the howls of anguish from the loons and the trailer trash.

**UPDATE** -- Bill O'Reilly has rejected the birther silliness. "President Obama was born in Hawaii". If the loons can't even get Billo to back them up, it's time consign them to the same oblivion as the Area-57 wingnuts.

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