Monday 6 July 2009

Even Republicans are giving up on Palin

Huckabee: he said he’s not sure Palin could run for President now.
Fred Barnes: “Forget about Sarah Palin as the Republican presidential candidate in 2012 and probably ever.”
Karl Rove: “Risky”.
Chuck Grassley: “Astounding”.
George Will: “She now is a quitter.”
Lisa Murkowski: she said Palin abandoned the people of Alaska.

One guy who is defending her is McCain – because every time she shows appalling bad judgment, it reflects on his judgment, for picking her to be VP. But his staffers are slamming Palin.

As TPM pointed out, Palin didn’t resign – she only promised to resign. Could she pull a 180 and un-quit, like Perot did in 1992? Remember that Perot also quit because he couldn’t stand the heat, and then returned just in time to get the spotlight back on him for the debates.

Also, with regard to Palin's threat to sue Shannyn Moore: if Palin has a decent lawyer (which is debatable, given Palin's threat against Moore), a good lawyer would warn Palin that if she takes this nonsense to court, then Moore and her lawyer can legitimately bring in witnesses to discuss virtually everything Moore ever reported about, with respect to Palin -- including a long list of devastating scandals. Not only will that be incredibly embarrassing to Palin, but it also could put her, her husband, and a lot of her staffers in jeopardy for perjury charges, contempt of court, and further civil countersuits.

Also -- Palin could do any one of a hundred crazy things, and one of them is to try to pardon herself, if she finds herself in legal jeopardy -- that's if Alaska law allows it, which would need to be researched. But she would need to do it now. And it would only apply to violations of state law -- she couldn't pardon herself on a federal violation.

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