Saturday 9 May 2009

A new GOP "reinvention" effort once a month

Many thanks to the Washington Independent for tracking the multiple GOP marketing efforts to repackage the same old shit as something new.

Rebuild the Party, November. Mission: “Set in motion the changes needed to rebuild our party from the grassroots up, modernize the way we run campaigns, and attract different, energetic, and younger candidates at all levels.”

The Center for Republican Renewal, December. Mission: “identifying the most innovative ideas and policies from across the nation.”

Young Conservatives Coalition, February. Mission: “To implement a new conservative agenda for the 21st century”.

The Tea Party movement, February. Mission: ???

Renewing American Leadership, March. Mission: Unite social and economic conservatives to survive a “crisis in which the secular state, if allowed, will fundamentally and radically change America against the wishes of most Americans.”

Resurgent Republic, April. Mission: “Promote market-oriented policies, lower taxes and economic growth, and strong national security policies.”

The National Council for a New America, April. Mission: Bring together Republican leaders to “engage with and empower the American people to develop innovative solutions that meet the serious challenges confronting our country.”

Here's a clue, fellas: when your party has actual leaders and a message that people want, you don't need to repackage your crap in a fancy new box every month.

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history145 said...

Good post. A lot of individuals have been alienated from the Republican party...including me, who is considering a career as a christian pastor.

Vaden Chandler
The Arete' Blog

HelloDollyLlama said...

Okay -- just ignore my posts in religion then! I have many, many other posts on the GOP base and their effort to hound moderates out of the party.