Thursday 21 May 2009

Even Fox admits CIA attack on Pelosi is unravelling

New Errors Surface About Accuracy of CIA Document on Interrogation Methods....

New questions surfaced Wednesday about the accuracy of a CIA document meant to settle who in Congress knew about severe interrogation methods approved by the Bush administration.
Three new errors appeared to emerge in the CIA's matrix of 40 congressional briefings on so-called enhanced interrogation techniques. The CIA acknowledged one of the errors but continued to stand by its version of events in the other two cases.

CIA Director Leon Panetta acknowledged in a May 6 letter to House Intelligence Committee Chairman Silvestre Reyes, D-Texas, that the CIA's list may not be completely accurate. "In the end, you and the committee will have to determine whether this information is an accurate summary of what actually happened," Panetta wrote.

Specter: "CIA Has A Very Bad Record When It Comes To ... Honesty"

Arlen Specter: "The CIA has a very bad record when it comes to -- I was about to say candid, that's too mild -- to honesty." Specter referred to misleading information about the CIA's involvement in mining harbors in Nicaragua, and the Iran-Contra affair. "Director Panetta says the agency does not make it a habit to misinform Congress. I believe that is true. It is not the policy of the Central Intelligence Agency to misinform Congress," Specter said. "But that doesn't mean that they're all giving out the information."

**UPDATE** -- Now even Boehner questions the honesty of the CIA....

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