Wednesday 13 May 2009

GOP extremists warn Senators: block Court nominee or we'll destroy you

Keep in mind that Obama's Supreme Court nominee hasn't even been named yet. And these extremist loons are already warning their own members in the Senate: block whoever it is, or we will drive you out of the party, just like we did with Specter.

Read on:

I write to you as an American citizen who loves his country and served his country proudly in the Armed Forces, and as Executive Director of the National Republican Trust PAC. I encourage you to keep steadfast and stay true to your Republican conservative values and beliefs as you anticipate potential nominees put before you by this Administration, seeking to fill the vacancy left by Justice David Souter on the U.S. Supreme Court.

Americans look to the Supreme Court and to its Justices to uphold the Constitution. President Obama, on the contrary, is seeking to nominate someone with “empathy,” one who can identify with “people's hopes and struggles as an essential ingredient for arriving as just decisions and outcomes.” In other words, President Obama’s standards for a Supreme Court Justice have nothing to do with interpreting the law or the rule of law. He wants an “activist judge” on the Court. It is up to you and your fellow Republican colleagues to stop such a nomination. I believe you will find, Sen. Hatch, your constituents will hold you accountable should you concede to the President’s nomination OF AN ACTIVIST JUDGE.

As you may recall, the National Republican Trust PAC held former Sen. Arlen Specter accountable after he voted in favor of the President’s stimulus package. The gentleman from Pennsylvania no longer resides within our political party. The National Republican Trust PAC has donors and supporters across the nation, including your home state. Our priority during the upcoming confirmation debate will be to fully inform our supporters and your constituents of what is happening in the United States Senate to protect -- or damage -- our Constitution through the judicial confirmation process.

So the GOP base has spoken again: any Republican who even thinks of taking one tiny step to the left, is going to get his skull cracked open by the thousand-pound shit-hammer of the Nazi right.

Wouldn't it be a shame if this nonsense was what finally drove Snowe and Collins out of the GOP?

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