Saturday 16 May 2009

More GOP lies and hysteria

Despite the fact that the CIA and a number of lawmakers have debunked the GOP accusations against Pelosi, Newt is screaming that she must be censured (savor the irony) and Rush is demanding she resign.

But the funniest attempt at GOP hysteria came, unsurprisingly, from Steele, who was caught trying to teach strategy to Republicans -- "let's scare people by telling them gay marriage will cost tax money!!"

This is what passes for leadership in the GOP.

**UPDATE** -- Oops, missed another one. Now Steele is screaming that Obama will take all our guns and put terrorists on our streets, both of which are bullcrap.

**UPDATE** -- and now Boehner is demanding that Pelosi apologize. But the funny part of the story was when Boehner was cornered on whether they should be an investigation -- an investigation which would, in the end, confirm all of the crimes committed by the Bush administration. So naturally Boehner waffled.

**UPDATE** -- ...and Steele is calling for the investigation that so many Republicans dread. Oops!

**UPDATE* -- ...and now the Republicans want her to apologize, but don't want the investigation. Nice try!

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