Sunday 24 May 2009

Cheney's rants -- driven by failure to win book deal?

When Bill Clinton left office he got a $15 million advance for his book. Cheney is seeking only $2 million for his book, and so far he has failed to get even that, in part because publishers apparently know he's a hated scumbag whose memoirs won't exactly be flying off the shelves.

This would explain why Cheney's going on TV every week, saying as many outrageous things as he can -- to keep the cameras pointed him, and prevent his sad, pathetic slide into the oblivion he has richly earned. Ann Coulter does the same thing -- since everyone knows she's a scumbag, the only gig she has left is to be as entertaining and outrageous a scumbag as possible.

Cheney even has his daughter out there flacking for him. It's almost as contemptible as the way Sarah Palin exploited her daughter for political purposes.

How sad. A solid 9 on the Schadenfreude scale.


Silly Ratfaced Git said...

Worthless scumbag indeed. I can hardly wait to ignore his book. If it's his memoirs, it'll have to filed under fiction.

HelloDollyLlama said...

I quite agree. I think that when they print all those copies of his book, their main value will be to provide ballast and prevent the publisher's warehouse from blowing away in a strong wind.

Welcome aboard. I don't think you're silly or a git, and I doubt that you're ratfaced (although you never know in the internet).