Friday 15 May 2009

GOP lies on detention and far

Let's count up all the Republican lies about detentions and torture.

We didn’t waterboard anybody. Wrong.
Waterboarding isn’t torture. Wrong.
We didn’t break the law. Wrong. Title 18 of the U.S. Code, the UCMJ, the Geneva Convention….Even Reagan threw cops in jail for waterboarding prisoners.
The purpose of the torture was to prevent terror attacks. Nope. Several sources have established that the purpose was to prove a link between Iraq and terrorism in time for the 2002 elections.
The torture program actually did stop attacks, including a plot against LA. Already debunked.
Stopping the torture program puts us at risk. Wrong. Why did the Bush gang stop it in 2004, then?
Pelosi knew about the whole thing. Nope. That was already shot down by the CIA and by other lawmakers who were also briefed. Also, the CIA itself lied about the briefings on the interrogations. Also, Bush's crimes are not extenuated by anybody he claims he told about it.
Pelosi could have stopped the torture program. Wrong: the Bush gang made clear time after time that they intended to ignore any Congressional input with respect to any issue which, in their view, impinged on national security. And she didn’t know anyway.
The torture program is justified under the doctrine of protecting sources and methods. Even Bob Barr shot that one down.
Cheney’s effort to defend torture is on the same moral level as Gore’s effort to combat global warming. Um, yeah.
Stopping the torture means we’re not supporting our troops. Nope. Actually the torture program itself is endangering our troops, as our generals confirmed.
Talking about this torture program makes America look bad and fosters terrorism. No, lying and concealing makes us look bad.
The torture proved the Iraq-terror link. Nope. The guys who stated that, under torture, later admitted they lied – just before one mysteriously died in prison.
Those Guantanamo prisoners are the worst of the worst. Um, no. Most were grabbed off the street by bounty hunters who had no idea who they were grabbing – if there were evidence against them, Bush would have taken them to court.
There isn’t any exculpatory evidence against these guys. Wrong – Bush illegally hid it.
The Gitmo prisoners must stay there because bringing them into the U.S. is too dangerous. Nope. You know how many really dangerous prisoners we already have?

And most of these lies, by Republicans who worked for the Bush Administration, were debunked by…. Republicans who worked for the Bush Administration.

And this is just what we've caught them at, since the grownups took over in January.

When a group of people tells you one proven lie on a topic, you start to disbelieve them just a bit. But sixteen, and counting?

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