Wednesday 13 May 2009

GOP settles on their new strategy: namecalling

The Republican party has taken its first major political action since the election.

The have, in fact, convened an emergency meeting for the purpose.

Are they getting together to finally put forward the federal budget proposal they promised?

Are they going to come up with an initiative on health care?

Do they have something to contribute on unemployment?

On Afghanistan?

On nuclear proliferation?

On Supreme Court nominations?

On financing Social Security and Medicare?

On energy?

On firing Steele and picking a new leader?


The purpose of the meeting is to "rebrand" the Democratic party as the "Democrat Socialist Party".

They have so completely failed to rebrand their own discredited party -- after seven tries in seven months -- that they have decided that their only recourse is to "rebrand" the Democrats.

Namecalling. And not even very clever namecalling. My eight year old could do better.

When was the last time an embattled political party ever found its way back to the top with a strategy of "Well, you're just a big Poopyhead!"?

Tempting as it might be for the Democrats to retaliate by thinking up nasty names to "rebrand" the GOP with (sorry, The Nazi Party is already taken), I think the Democrats are going focus on all that boring stuff -- cleaning up Bush's mess, rebuilding the economy, passing universal health care, and kicking Republican ass in elections.

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