Thursday 14 May 2009

New GOP leaders just as crazy as the old ones

Thanks to CNN for this one:

The new chairman of the Republican Party of Virginia is sounding a little bit like the old one. Pat Mullins was elected to lead the party earlier this month by the state GOP central committee after the former chairman, Jeff Frederick, was ousted after a series of embarrassing missteps. Frederick garnered national attention during last year's presidential race for drawing a comparison between Barack Obama and Osama bin Laden. Mullins, the new party head, said something similar while speaking to the Virginia Beach city committee meeting on Monday. "I'm particularly excited I'm not a Democrat," Mullins told the audience. "Since I'm not a Democrat, I don't have to defend a president who goes overseas and bows to dictators that would like to destroy this country. I'm delighted I don't have to defend him." Mullins was referring to video shot during April's G-20 Summit in London that showed Obama lowering his head while greeting King Abdullah of Saudi Arabia. The White House said that Obama was not bowing, and that he shook hands with the King, who is shorter than Obama.

He called Virginia Sen. Jim Webb, who earned a Navy Cross and two purple hearts in Vietnam, an "embarrassment to everybody in this commonwealth." A spokesman for the state Democratic Party said Mullins "ought to apologize to Virginians for personal attacks on the commander-in-chief and a decorated war hero."

The Republican Party of Virginia did not return phone calls seeking comment.

PS -- I'll point out the obvious: Saudi Arabia, last time I checked, has no plans to destroy America. And would have no luck trying it if they did.

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