Tuesday, 6 April 2010

Palin ridicules knowledge of the Constitution. Seriously.

Sarah Palin eggs on the tea-partiers a week ago:

“In these volatile times when we are a nation at war, now more than ever is when we need a commander-in-chief, not a constitutional law professor lecturing us from a lectern.”

Let’s set aside the fact that Obama has done superbly as commander in chief – clearly better than his criminally incompetent predecessor. And the fact that Obama has by no means been beating us to death on Constitutional issues – if he wanted to give us a series of lectures ripping apart the Republicans for their endless perversions of the Constitution, he could have made a whole summer of it.

Let’s focus on the truly appalling aspect of this.

For a decade now, we have indeed seen the Republicans express open contempt for the Constitution and the rule of law…bringing the entire Congress screeching to a halt, blocking nominations so the executive branch can’t do its job, lying to Congress, blackmailing Congress, ignoring the laws passed by Congress, using the Justice Department to persecute political enemies, using the Pentagon for propaganda, trying to stop the votes from being counted in a presidential election, turning the Vice Presidency into an unaccountable fourth branch of government, defying court orders, illegal spying, illegal detentions, illegal prisons, illegal torture….

But this is the first time they have said it so openly. Now they are actually ridiculing knowledge of the Constitution and the law.

We don’t need a president who knows the law – we need a man who can blow shit up like Bush! Yee haw!

That’s the new GOP platform. Expressed by their frontrunner for the Presidency.

And these are the same people who keep screeching that it’s Obama who’s the terrible danger to the Constitution! One day they love the Constitution so much they’d rather kill Congressmen than endanger it – the next day the Constitution is one big joke.

Perhaps Palin is still smarting from the embarrassment of flunking out of one tiny cow college after another, before finally scraping by with a journalism degree in Idaho. This, while Obama graduated magna from some little Podunk school called Harvard Law. I cain’t understand the Constitution, so of course it cain’t be important!!

ADDENDUM -- ...and round about the same time, Obama went to a town hall, and a member of the audience asked him about health care and finance. Obama gave a very long but very well-reasoned answer addressing health reform, the tax structure, the works. And what did the Washington Post do? Ridiculed him for the length of his answer. We expect that sort of Philistine grammar-school beat-up-the-smart-kid nonsense from Fox and Rush...but the Post?

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