Wednesday 14 April 2010

hair mousse can poison your brain

The Republicans seem to think that if they can only find some brain-dead wingnut who happens to have gorgeous, luxurious, Ken-doll hair, they’ve got an instant presidential candidate. Thus all the unwarranted presidential oohing and ahhing over guys like John Thune and Rick Santorum. Pawlenty, Pence, Romney, the whole metrosexual set.

The latest candidate from Mattel Toys: Virginia Governor Bob McDonnell.

Sadly, like virtually all of these yapping Ken dolls, he is not just a rightwing yahoo, he is OT-NAY OO-TAY IGHT-BRAY.

…That’s “not too bright”, Governor.

We’re removing regulations which protect gays and lesbians from discrimination. No wait, we’re not! Oops!

Hooray for the Confederates, who cares about slavery! No wait, slavery is bad, oops!

Bringing back Jim Crow literacy tests for convicts – no wait, we didn’t mean to send that out. Or rather, we didn’t mean to get caught sending that out. Oops! It wasn’t me, it was a staffer!

With such a talent to stumbling into a minefield and then being forced to backtrack, this guy should be…RNC chairman!

He hasn’t even been governor three months yet! Once a month the guy steps on his crank publicly. Funny how, every time, it takes the form of trying to pander to his bigoted followers by slamming people like blacks and gays, without getting caught. Hey, you're governor, when you do something stupid we're going to notice!

In his spare time he cut almost a billion dollars from elementary schools.

A billion. Just in one state. A cut of $600 per student.

I guess he wants to win by making the whole state ot-nay oo-tay ight-bray.

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