Tuesday, 27 April 2010

Down goes Frazier!

Ron Paul did pretty well in the recent GOP straw poll, because he had his minions vigorously flacking his name there. So some of his supporters are pumping him up as the guy to save the GOP from Palin, Romney, Newt and the teabaggers.

But is he really ready to fight in the heavyweight class? Plenty of fighters look tough when they've never really been in the ring. And Paul has never faced a real heavyweight challenge. So let’s see the tale of the tape.

Even in the featherweight class, he underperformed. As a Republican in Texas he has, at times, struggled to get and hold his House seat. But let’s hope he’s added some muscle since then.

The next step would be the GOP primary process, where the big boys (including Palin) would pummel him for months and months, because wants America to pull all our troops back to the States and reject all military conflict; he wants to pull support for Israel; he wants to end the Cuba embargo; he opposed the Patriot Act; and he wants to end the war on drugs. And he’s run as a Libertarian.

Then if he gets that far, in the general election he'd be pounded by the Democrats because he wants to pull out of the Fed, the WTO and NATO; he hates immigrants of all kinds; he wants to end Medicare, and in fact he wants to cut government programs to the point where it would destroy the economy; his tax policy is simply insane; he hates affirmative action; he liked DOMA; he wants to overturn Roe; he wants to eliminate VA hospitals; and he opposed the Civil Rights Act. And he supported Pat Buchanan in 1992.

And all along he would get pounded by the reporters because of his record, and his controversial positions on racism and other issues.

But of course he will be able to stand up to all that pounding for a solid year. When he’ll be...a 77 year old great-grandfather.

Down goes Frazier! Down goes Frazier!

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