Friday, 9 April 2010

Oh, no! Message discipline!

Republicans usually excel at message discipline.

For weeks they screamed that the reconcilation process was an unconstitutional usurpation. It was a laughable lie -- reconciliation is not only constitutional, but the Republicans themselves used it to beat up the Democrats many times. But the GOP maintained discipline and kept hollering the same lie over and over, until a lot of people began to believe it.

Hitler taught the Republicans many years ago that a lie can be sold to a target audience if you maintain discipline and repeat it over and over.

But alas, the Republicans didn't have their mentor Hitler to shepherd them along this week. So while some Republicans were howling the lie that Obamacare will put 15,000 IRS agents on the streets to grab your money, other Republicans were screaming that Obama is completely removing our nuclear deterrent, also a lie.

No no no no no!

This week is Obamacare Lie Week.

Next week is Nuclear Lie Week.

Didn't you get your program? Weren't you watching Fox like you were told to??

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