Monday 12 April 2010

The GOP terrorist campaign is aimed!

Roland Martin of CNN observed that the southern guys who are defending the Virginia Governor’s proclamation regarding Confederate History Month, have been emailing Martin. And they have been using the same arguments to defend the behaviour of the Confederate soldiers, that Muslims use to defend al-Qa’ida and the Taleban. “They invaded our homeland, so we had to defend it, and get revenge for the innocent people killed in the war!” Southerners and the Taleban suffer from many of the same afllictions: their religion and their fanaticism blind them to all contrary argument, and, in their minds, justify any and all atrocities. Martin’s article implied the question: how do we praise the sons of the Confederacy for supporting the same behaviour that we put Taleban members in jail for?

And then Martin went further. He said, of the Confederates, “They were, and forever will be, domestic terrorists.”

So can we take the last step on this logical path, and call today’s Republicans terrorists also? The party leaders have said repeatedly that violent attacks and death threats against Democratic lawmakers are perfectly okay and perfectly justified, because the Democrats had the nerve to pass a law that Republicans don’t like. And the attacks and threats have been incessant: numerous plots to kill policemen, endless death threats against Congressmen and their children, an organized series of vandalism attacks, guys showing up with guns at Obama events…

And now they are coming after me and you. People who have Obama bumper stickers, who express support for Obama and for Democrats, are being attacked and harassed. They are being screamed at and pushed around in town halls. One guy was run off the road in a case of road rage, while his young daughter was in the car.

And that, my friends, is their next goal: not only to make Democratic congressmen afraid to come out of their homes and do their jobs, but also to target you and me, if we praise Obama and Democrats in public. They want to see to it that folks all over your street have “NO OBAMACARE” signs on their lawn, but anybody who dares to leave up their Obama stickers gets a brick through their window.

If the Republican wingnuts can even attack you and me with impunity, then Kristallnacht really has come.

Ask not for whom the bell tolls….

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