Thursday, 22 April 2010

the chicken that roared

Okay, this is a critical test for the Democrats.

First we have the Republican Senate leadership spewing lies about finance reform that are so obviously bullcrap that even the other Republicans couldn't keep a straight face. The Iron Curtain Of Pigheaded Republican Obstruction collapsed in days. They got caught in an obvious bald-faced lie on an issue where the public is fully on the side of the Democrats.

And then Sue Lowden creates comedy gold with "bring a chicken to the doctor", which sounds an awful lot like she wants to wipe out, not just health insurance reform, but health insurance itself.

If the Democrats can't hit 700-foot home runs with these hanging curveballs, and run nine billion "chicken to the doctor" ads this campaign season, and turn the Republicans into the laughingstocks they richly deserve to be...then they should all be sued for political malpractice and drummed out of professional politics. Even a Milquetoast like Harry Reid should be swinging for the bleachers, in his own Mister Whipple kinda way.

...oh wait, I forgot! Hanging Curve Ball #3, Arizona's plan to grab anyone with a tan and toss them in jail for "lookin kinda furrin".

...which the governor actually signed!

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