Monday, 12 April 2010

GOP is losing support among the military

Support for the GOP has dropped like a rock among military professionals in the last few years. And, more importantly, it has dropped even more since Obama came into the picture.

This is undoubtedly because (a) they know better than anyone else how badly the Bush administration misused them, and (b) they know that Obama hustled to provide them with armor and health care and jobs for wives and better pay and everything else.

If the GOP can't even hold on to the military vote, what is left for them, other than the trailer-trash vote?

The wingnuts have this dream that the military are going to rise up and refuse to obey their "illegitimate" foreign commander in chief. Too bad for them that Obama is playing a dirty trick on them -- giving our troops competent leadership. Which they lacked for eight disastrous years.

ADDENDUM -- However, a tiny lunatic fringe is arising, consisting of both active duty and former military. They are taking the same stance as the Oath Keepers -- we don't take illegal orders from an illegal president etc etc. They overtly state that their aim is to pursue a conservative agenda and oppose Obama: "stand up on the very soil we defended to preserve common sense conservatism and defend our Constitution that is threatened by a tyrannical government".

...and another soldier is in a jam, for refusing to report and follow orders, on the argument that Obama is an illegitimate president. Lieutenant Colonel Terrence Lakin. He's going to be court-martialed. Let the martyrdom begin!

...and the wingnuts, not content with hoping that the conventional military will defy Obama, are now trying to form a militia in Oklahoma to oppose and resist the federal government. They got some state legislators to sign on. And just now John Dean pointed out that the Constitution gives control of state militias to…Obama. So the only way for the Oklahoma militia to execute its stated purpose – fighting the federal gummint – is to violate the Constitution they say they’re defending.

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