Tuesday, 13 April 2010

Obama still polls way ahead of GOP challengers

For more than a year, Obama has been pounded with an unprecedented rightwing campaign of lies and smears, on everything from death panels to birth certificates.

Meanwhile his potential challengers for 2012 have gone largely unscathed, except for a few well-earned potshots at Palin for her latest outrages, like resigning her post mid-term.

So you would think Obama wouldn't poll very well in head-to-head matchups with potential GOP candidates, right?


CNN says that if the election were held today, Obama would beat Romney by 8, and Romney is still sinking because of his connection to health reform. Obama would beat Huckleberry by 9, and Huck is signalling that he won't even run. Obama beats Newt by 12 and Palin by 13.

In other words, no Republican can even get as close to Obama, as McCain did in the 2008 blowout. Obama could quite easily in even more electoral votes than he did last time.

And once Obama gives up on trying to make nice with the GOP and begins counter-attacking and exposing their lies and shortcomings, those gaps will widen. And it will be a landslide in 2012.

Also, we learned today that Palin has made special arrangements for her appearances across the country: all questions from the public or the media are to be pre-screened. This means that not only does Palin have no skill in fielding unscreened questions on policy issues, she isn't even going to try to learn. So in 2012, she either will decline to run, or she will run, but refuse to truly face the media. And since the media has refused to challenge the GOP on its endless stream of lies, they will probably make only a feeble effort to force her to face the music. If she runs it will be all Nuremburg-like rallies and fundraisers -- as few reporters as possible.

In the past she has also tried to ban cameras and recorders at her events, in case she makes a booboo.

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