Friday, 7 August 2009

Which network is doing worst in exposing the health reform lies?

CBS did a long piece shooting down the GOP lies on health care. NBC reported on the Democrats working to expose the lies. MSNBC is reporting that the wingnut hecklers are a sign of GOP weakness.

CNN is doing poorly, rejecting ads which criticize the insurers (or Lou Dobbs) and implying, on no evidence whatsoever, that Obama is going to lose in 2012 since he is going to raise taxes.

The worst, however, is ABC. Their version of events is that Democrats are getting an earful from allegedly plain citizens about health reform and that the GOP is "going grassroots" and taking the issue "to the people", and ridiculing the Democrats for the obstructed reform process which is largely the fault of the Republicans. Worst of all is Jake Tapper, who is mooing that the GOP had nothing to do with the anti-reform goon squads and that Obama is spying on his enemies.

I didn't even bother with Fox, which is not a real news organization. When they're not screeching that Obama an illegimate president and a racist and a threat to America, they're openly encouraging the lynch mobs to go after the Democrats.

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