Sunday, 23 August 2009

Texas rewrites schoolbooks to sell wingnut philosophy

More Republican assaults on reality: the state of Texas is rewriting its history books, taking out anything that smacks of liberals (like mentioning Supreme Court Justice Thurgood Marshall) and adding in lots of neat-o conservative stuff like the thrilling rise of Gingrich and the Moral Majority.

The Board of Education stacked with ten Republicans and only five Democrats, also wants to add Rush, Sean and the NRA. In their eyes a scumbag like Rush is more important to U.S. history than Thurgood Marshall.

The GOP knows that the facts of the real world work constantly against them, so know they actually want to create an entire generation of ignorant, mis-informed dunces. You know, the GOP base of tomorrow. They know they can't win without the Stupid Vote, so they're creating more stupid people. Why have schools at all, if the point is to make them more stupid than when they went in?

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