Monday, 17 August 2009

Giving in on the public option votes

Wonkette made an excellent point today. No matter how many teeny little compromises we make on health care, no Republican will budge. They made clear today that if screaming that the public option succeeds in getting Obama to give ground on that, they will next start screeching that even coops and insurance exchanges are still socialism and no Republican will vote for it.

Wonkette gets it. I get it. You get it. But it would be awful nice if Max Baucus got it. He keeps sending Chuck Grassley candy and flowers each week, but Chuckie is still going to the prom with someone else.

As for the Blue Dogs...Four of the five committees already have the public option, right? So pass the damn bills with the public option, get it through conference, and get this shit over with. Dare these clowns to sabotage their leader's entire presidency, to give the Republicans and their corporate masters the power to rape us whenever they want, to get a lot of Democrats tossed out next year.

WE WON THE ELECTION. Time to start acting like it.

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