Friday, 14 August 2009

Grassley claims Dems are pushing him out of health talks!

Baucus and the Dems are giving Grassley everything but candy and flowers to keep him in the talks, even though it's jeopardizing the legislative process, and he's still complaining that they're not sucking him off enough?

Face it, folks, Grassley and the Republicans were never serious about bipartisan health reform. Time to move on.

PS he voted for the so-called "death panel" provisions in 2003. Now he's saying the opposite.

PPS He has said flat-out that he won't support the public option.

PPPS Here's Grassley bragging again that his "negotiating" effort blocked real reform.

CHUCK GRASSLEY (Aug 13): If I had not been at the table, there would have been a bill through the committee the week of June 22, and it would have been through the Senate by now because there's sixty Democrats.

PPPPS And here's Grassley flacking Glenn Beck's book for him....

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