Tuesday, 25 August 2009

Wingnut Convergence Of Crazy

As I said back in April, the thing to watch for is a convergence among the many factions of the anti-Obama lunatic fringe.

Down in Florida, the wingnuts now want to have a “leaded tea party” where opponents of Obama can exercise both their First and Second Amendment rights – by giving speeches, offering horse rides for kids, and also by firing their guns at an illegal gun range. The cops told them to stop, but they’re going ahead anyway, and they have grandly declared that law enforcement personnel are not welcome, which presupposes an armed standoff with the cops. The maniac who set all this up also runs part of a group that has ties to the health insurance industry and to Jack Abramoff.

So you’re going to have a wingnut connected to the insurers and Abramoff, holding a wingnut hootenanny so they can screech hate at Obama and fire their guns, with kids on horses right in the middle of it all, presumably surrounded by police intent on arresting the bunch of them.

And a band will play too.

Just imagine if “Triumph Of The Will” had been directed by Fellini instead of Riefenstahl….

This is the face of the new GOP.



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