Thursday, 20 August 2009

how would Obama split the health bills

The first bill would go through the reconciliation process, and would include the financial aspects of the program, and with luck the public option as well. Deadline 15 October.

Afterward, the restrictions on the insurance companies. Pass it in November perhaps.

Splitting the provisions that the Republicans and insurers hate into two piles makes it harder for them to attack. And politically Obama really only needs one victory, although two would be much better.

Ironically the notion of splitting it into pieces came from reform opponent Mike Enzi, who wanted to split it into many tiny pieces so the Republicans could kill them one by one. But these two bills will be harder for them to kill.

A couple of bloggers are flacking the idea of Obama speaking before a joint session of Congress on this in the next few weeks.

Hat tip to Bob Cesca.

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