Thursday, 27 August 2009

We’re done talking to the GOP

Obama has said that you Republicans have until 15 September to work seriously on health care, and then the train is leaving the station without you. But seriously, we are already finished listening to you Republicans. You guys had their chance, fellas, and you royally blew it. A solid year of stupid, guys.

We’re not listening to you because you are so lacking in leaders that loons like Palin and Gingrich and Steele and Limbaugh, the Mount Rushmore of Wingnut Lunacy, have managed to seize the reins of what is left of your “movement” and dominate the Party of Lincoln.

We’re not listening to you because you’ve been proved wrong, and in fact outright dishonest, on virtually every issue: on Obama’s birth certificate, which almost every party leader finally had to admit was a bogus issue; on Obama’s stimulus which has already saved or created thousands of jobs, as even Republican economists admitted; on Sonya Sotomayor, which made plain the GOP’s fear and hatred of Hispanics; on Cheney’s illegal effort to torture and murder detainees without trial, the diapers, the threats of rape, the beatings, the threats of murdered children, the ominous waving of power drills at the faces of prisoners.

We’re not listening to you because the screeching of your teabaggers is, as intended, making all rational debate impossible. When you’re not howling “Heil Hitler” or issuing death threats against Democrats, you are dropping bon mots about lynching Democrats, shooting Obama, stabbing Howard Dean, poisoning Nancy Pelosi.

We’re not listening to you because you’re not listening to any of us. You are laboring with might and main to destroy, not just Democrats, not just independents, but even Republicans who aren’t crazy enough to suit you. You’re even slamming rock-ribbed conservatives McCain and Bob Bennett and Lindsay Graham and John Huntsman. If the Reagan of 1980 were still around, even he would have been condemned by you wingnuts for making too many deals with Democrats.

We’re not listening to you because of your inane howling about Obamacare: Obama will kill seniors, kill our troops, kill Republicans, promote suicide, let people go blind, invade your home and decide how to raise your kids, impose martial law – all while your own Republican leaders wrote and supported the same dreaded “death panel” provisions you’re screeching about.

We’re not listening because we know who sent you. It was the corrupt thugs who run the insurance industry, with GOP leaders cheering them on, who directed your “spontaneous” goon squads to launch violent attacks, and shout so much that democratic debate is possible, and send armed thugs to Obama events, and commit acts of vandalism, and tear up posters of Rosa Parks, and paint swastikas on the doors of black Congressmen, and prevent our elected representatives from even doing their jobs because it’s too dangerous – the next step to killing democracy outright. We don’t intend to listen to psychotic lynch mobs sent by well-heeled criminals.

We’re not listening to you because you’re not listening to us on health care. Americans have said in poll after poll that we want the public option. But you’re listening, not to the people, but to the insurance firms who bribe you with campaign money every year, and to other Republicans who are putting pressure on you to ignore the needs of the people. That’s why your Congressional leaders are bragging about stalling all progress on Capitol Hill, and admitting that all efforts at compromise are a sham, and rejecting one proposal after another, and spreading lies and fear, and promising to oppose any bill regardless of the contents, and screeching that Obama must have an 80-seat majority to win, and whining that the same reconciliation process which the GOP used to ram fat-cat tax-cuts down our throats is now an outrageous “nuclear” tactic, and proposing unworkable co-op plans although you’ve admitted that you will oppose even a co-op plan in the end; and offering absurd amendments on abortion and health care for pets; all after admitting that you had no real health care plan of your own, so why would anyone listen to you anyway?

We’re not listening because you’re the same crowd that defended the Bush gang as they stole two elections, trashed the Constitution, trashed the army, trashed New Orleans, trashed our international reputation, trashed Iraq for no reason, destroyed our economy, turned the entire U.S. justice system into a political weapon to smash enemies with, launched the torture program, and lied about it all.

We’re not listening anymore. Almost 80 percent of America wants the public option (the AMA and drugmakers are on board, and even the CBO admitted it would run a surplus, once they finally scored a completed bill), and we want to cancel the tax breaks for the rich, to pay for it. We want to stop the needless sickness and death and bankruptcies and foreclosures and corporate betrayal and fear caused by the health care mess we have now. GOP support outside the south is in the single digits, and the Democrats have actually gained on the electoral map, so Obama will crush whoever opposes him in 2012.

We’re not listening to you anymore because you’re no longer a political party. You’re a terrorist group.

The 80 percent of the country that is not insane has stopped listening to the 20 percent that is.

Pretty scary, looking in the mirror, huh?

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marieDee said...

Beautifully written, about such ugly stuff....