Sunday, 30 August 2009

The Democrats need a "Sherman"

Bob Cesca pointed out the need for a huge, crushing victory over the lie-riddled GOP, on health care:

"The winners write the history, and I want these "comically ridiculous lies" to be remembered and I want posterity to know that it doesn't work. Put another way: not only do I want the Republicans and Blue Dogs to lose badly, I want them to be humiliated by the way they lost. I want posterity to laugh and shake their heads at these pathetic hooples."

I'd like to take it further. We need to destroy the Republicans so thoroughly that they never dare try these tactics again.

Robert Kagan's verdict on General Sherman, the guy who devastated Georgia in 1864:

"The northern generals who prosecuted the war most effectively , and most ruthlessly, had more understanding of its ideological purposes..."We are not only fighting hostile armies," William Tecumseh Sherman declared, "but a hostile people, and must make old and young, rich and poor, feel the hard hand of war"....Therefore the North must "make the war so terrible...[and] make them so sick of war that generations would pass away before they would again appeal to it "...The Union's conduct of the Civil War would remain, for American commanders in both world wars of the twentieth century, the very model of a great war...a war of 'power unrestrained' unleashed for 'complete conquest.'"

That's what I'm talking about! The Democrats need to do to the GOP what Sherman did to Georgia. To repay redneck evil with complete and total destruction, so they never try this crap again. And these thugs won't get the message until we destroy their plantations, burn down their homes, burn their crops, poison their wells, and make their women cry.

Actually we're fighting the same people that Sherman fought: southern white trash who hate blacks and despise all progress.

Obama gave the Republicans a year to make nice, and they repaid him with total war -- lies, attacks, armed goon squads, the works. The Republicans see this as a battle for their very survival, so they will stop at nothing. Accordingly, Obama needs to take off the gloves and "go Sherman". He needs to stop listening to Reid and Sebelius and start hanging with guys like Schumer and Emanuel, guys who want to, you know, win. Wartime consiglieres.

And at a certain point, Vito Corleone would even reach beyond his wartime consigliere, Genco Abbandando, and go to...Luca Brasi. We need a Luca Brasi. Because the GOP has an army of them.

Obama wanted to build a centrist consensus, but that is not possible. This is a war, and there are two sides. One must win, one must lose. Standing out there in the middle, in no-man's-land, will just get you shot. Clinton never learned that; either did Gore or Kerry. Or Dukakis.

And if he does "go Sherman", all the Democrats who have soured on him will leap to their feet, jump out of their trenches, and kill, kill, kill.

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