Tuesday, 25 August 2009

wingnuts target Bob Bennett of Utah


Bennett is one of the most conservative, far-right guys in the Senate.

But he made the terrible mistake of working with -- gasp! -- a Democrat on some sort of chintzy little health insurance co-op plan.

So now the far right is targeting him for defeat in the GOP primary.

If this guy is too much of a communist for them, they really have gone round the bend.

This is the mentality of the far right: in the few red-red-red states they have left, they are doing all they can to ensure that the Senate seats in those states are filled with true-blue wingnuts -- even conventional conservatives aren't good enough for them. And of course they are working with hammer and tong to drive away all moderates and independents.

This is why the popularity of the GOP outside the South is down to 7 percent.

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