Saturday, 1 August 2009

New contest: invent a new wingnut conspiracy theory

Just in the last few days, as the air was leaking out of the birther campaign, the wingnuts started circulating new silliness: one, that Obama is really Chinese, and another claiming that the Bible identifies Obama by name as the anti-Christ, and a third that Obama plans to commit genocide against old people.

So let's see who can invent the most original insane rightwing conspiracy theory.

Extra points if you can squeeze in Elvis, Bogfoot, JFK or Area 57.

Once you finish your submission, send it to the World Nut Daily. In a week it will be on Fox, and in a month Michelle Bachman will be screeching it from the House floor.

Let the games begin!

For extra fun, circulate the theory in the wingnut chat rooms, and see how far it goes.

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