Thursday, 13 August 2009

Grassley effectively admits his "negotiating" was just a stalling tactic

SMITH: But Grassley’s sort of taking credit for all these town halls, right?

CAMERON: Yeah, that’s right. Well, he’s the top Republican on the Senate Finance Committee, the one of five committees yet to pass a bill. And he says all of the delay caused by his collaboration and willingness to negotiate slowed this process and there by created the August vacation town halls that we’re now in the midst of. The idea being all of the voices of dissent wouldn’t have been heard had he not been part of the negotiating process.

Savor the irony -- the source was Fox News.

So now that the Republicans have admitted that the whole "gang of six" effort with Baucus was a giant fraud, a delaying tactic...Reid and Baucus will "pull the plug" and move forward with a Democratic bill, right? Do Reid and Baucus have the guts to stop trying to appease people who are openly making fools of them?

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