Monday, 3 August 2009

Gallup: Dems actually gained on the electoral map since Obama was elected

Democrats have actually gained on the electoral map since Obama was inaugurated.

Gallup polled voters across all 50 states and then categorized states in accordance with their level of support for the two parties:

--solid support for one party (a 10 point lead over the other party)
--"leaning" toward one party (a 5-10 point lead)
--competitive (within 5 points either way)

And boy is it bad for the GOP.

There are 30 states solid for the Dems, and 4 states solid for the Republicans (Utah, Wyoming, Idaho and Alaska).

There are eight more states leaning Dem (Nevada, Colorado, South Dakota, Oklahoma, Louisiana, Tennessee, Georgia and Florida), and one leaning GOP (Alabama).

And the competitive states: Montana, North Dakota, Nebraska, Kansas, Texas, Mississippi, South Carolina.

The news from Texas, Florida and Georgia is particularly scary for the GOP because it means Obama could win in a total avalanche in 2012.

And states like Oklahoma and Mississippi are scary for the GOP because they should never, ever be in danger in those states. Even on Planet Wingnut, the GOP can't defend their own territory reliably.

And it's all scary for the GOP because it shows, yet again, that their entire strategy -- a year-long campaign of anti-Obama attacks and obstruction -- has actually backfired. And what else do they have? An actual program of policy? LOL

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